New FarmVille Winter Fairies

Here is some information about our latest release. Enjoy!
Limited Edition: Winter Fairies

Ice Poppy Tree – Level 1, 8 Cash, 40 CP
Glowing Tulip Tree – Level 2, 14 Cash, 100 CP
Magic Chalice Tree – Level 2, 6 Cash, 100 CP
Magic Feather Tree – Level 1, 12 Cash, 40 CP
Bell Flower Tree


Frozen Berry Sheep – 16 Cash, 150 CP
Gem Maiden Pegacorn – 30 Cash, 200 CP
Winter Fairycorn – 30 Cash, 200 CP
Fairy Dust Dragon – 20 Cash, 150 CP
Fairy Pink Horse – 26 Cash, 200 CP

Buildings and Decorations
Frozen Vase – 100,000 Coins
Berry Picking – 12 Cash, 100 CP (Animated decoration!)
Firefly Lantern – 100,000 Coins
Vine Tree – 100,000 Coins
Magic Rings II

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Santa’s Sleigh Guide

The holidays are coming to Winter Wonderland and so is Santa’s Sleigh! Build Santa’s Sleigh with parts from your friends. The bigger the Sleigh, the more gifts you can harvest.

There are 7 different building Levels for Santa’s Sleigh:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7

Note: You can have 1 Santa’s Sleigh on each Farm (Home, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, and Winter Wonderland).
Placing Santa’s Sleigh:

A Green illumination around Santa’s Sleigh will glow over open placement areas on your farm.

Once placed on your Farm, you will have the following six options:
Look Inside – View your progress
Ask for Parts – Send requests for Gifts to any friend once every four hours
Complete Now – Use Farm Cash to complete Santa’s Sleigh
Move – Rearrange Santa’s Sleigh on your farm
Sell – Option to sell your Santa’s Sleigh

There are three ways of obtaining Gifts:
Ask for More – Send requests for Gifts to any friend once every four hours
Send Gifts – Send Gifts to your Friends from the Free Gifts Tab
Buy – Buy Gifts directly from the Market.

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New Limited Edition Wild West Items

Farm Ville has released some more cool Limited Edition Wild West Items! On top of this Truffle Hunting for the Pigpens has begun its release. The full release of Pigpens will be monitored and could take anywhere from a few hours to days or weeks.

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FarmVille Dog : Sheep Dog

Sheep Dog is available from the market for 65 Farm Cash. When bought and placed on the farm, the player receives 500 XP. Sheep Dogs bought for Farm Cash come with a full two weeks worth of Puppy Kibble to help them grow up properly. Unlike the coin purchased Border Collie, it will not run away if not fed every day.

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FarmVille Dog : Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever, available with gold, cream mahogany fur (plus can be male or female and be named). This dog costs 65 FV$ and also comes with 2 weeks’ worth of kibble. Once this puppy’s full grown it ‘can fetch things for you.’

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FarmVille Dog : Border Collies

Border Collie costs 65 FV$ (about $12)– definitely an investment for only the biggest FarmVille fanatics. Unlike the trial Border Collie, this premium version of the dog can be male or female, comes with red, chocolate and black colored fur and be named. Also until the trial Collie, this version comes with 14 days of kibble, feed it every day so it will grow up and be able to ‘work with other animals.’ What that means exactly remains to be seen — guess we’ll find out in the next two weeks.

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FarmVille Giftable Mystery Gift

You can now gift your FarmVille neighbors a Mystery Gift! The only way to get one of these Mystery Gifts is as a gift from one of your FarmVille neighbors.

Mystery Farmville Gift Items:

* 1 FV$ (farm cash)!!!
* 1 Fuel Refill
* Hot Air Balloon
* White Chicken
* Grey Tabby
* 1,000 coins
* 20 XP, 25 XP
* Banana Tree, Passion Fruit Tree, Olive Tree, Pomegranate Tree
* Sheep Topiary, Buffalo Topiary, Elephant Topiary
* Stone Mailbox
* Horse
* Brown Cow
* Baby Calf

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2010 – New Years Eve Ball in Farmville


A special gift from Zynga FarmVille Team to us : New Year’s Eve Ball for 2010 in FarmVille , and with your free gifts, keep opening them until you get a New Year Ball.

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Hallow Tree in Halloween Items on FarmVille


The Hollow Tree will cost you 7 FV cash and the offer will expire in 7 days. Afterwards, the Hollow Tree will be retired into the Farmville abyss and thus, be an unattainable item.


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Spooky Tree in Halloween Items on FarmVille


For 7 days only you will have the chance to purchase The Spooky Tree in the Farmville Market. This is a limited edition item that will retire after the 7 days.

It can be found under the “Decorations” tabs.


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