FarmVille Level Guides For Level 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10


Level 1 – This is your first level when starting out with FarmVille. On this level you can buy Strawberry, Eggplant, Wheat, Soybeans, Cherry, Apple, Orange, Cow, Barn, and Haybale.

Level 2 – Kinder Farmer

You will need 30 points to get on level 2. On this level, it doesn’t appear to be anything available.

Level 3 – Amateur Farmer

You will need 60 points to get on level 3. Once you have reached level 3, you can send the fig tree as a gift and buy barrels.

Level 4 – Able Farmer

You will need 90 points to reach this level. On this level, you will be able to send chickens as a gift and purchase chickens. You can also purchase rest tents and crates.

Level 5 – Handy Farmer

You must have 200 points to reach level 5. Once you are on level 5, you can send avocado trees as gifts and purchase pumpkin seeds and white and brown stools.

Level 6 – Nimble Farmer

You will need 350 points to reach the sixth level. On the sixth level you can buy artichoke seeds and buy mailboxes.

Level 7 – Savvy Famer

To reach level 7, you will need 550 points. On level 7 you can buy rice, sheep, well, and butter chum. You can also send sheep as a gift.

Level 8 – Fancy Farmer

You will need 800 points to reach level 8 and with level 8 you can send apricots as gifts.

Level 9 – Sophisticated Farmer

You will need 1,300 points to reach this level. On this level, you can buy cotton and wagons.

Level 10 – Splendid Farmer

You will need 1,800 points to reach level 10. On level 10 you can send pigs as gifts. You can purchase fruit stands and picnic tables.

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    the farmville is good,but u must add more decoration and examps farm24*24u must logout

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    I cannot "Buy items" when I am playing farmville. How can I solve this problem?

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    What happens when you reach level 38 …does anymore new things open up?

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    level 27

  8. i am now level 90 :) happy :) just 10 levels to reach 100 :)

  9. level 100 is a agriculturiest farmer now i am farm freak lvl 90

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