Farmville Level Guides for Level 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20


Level 11 – Farming Magician

You must have 2,300 points to reach level 11. Once you are on this level, you can send grapefruits as a gift.

Level 12 – Farming Wizard

Level 12 requires that you have 2,800 points. On level 12 you can buy wheelbarrows and peppers. You can send rabbits as gifts once you have reached this level.

Level 13 – Jolly Rancher

On level 13, you can buy a grain silo. You will need 3,300 points to reach this level.

Level 14 – Produce Professional

3,900 points is required to reach level 14. On this level, you can send bananas as gifts.

Level 15 – Professor of Agriculture

You will need 4,500 points to reach the 15th level. On this level you can buy covered wagons and pineapple seeds. You can send ducks as

Level 16 – Hot Shot Farmer

You will need 5,500 points to reach level 16 in FarmVille. There doesn’t appear to be anything you can purchase or gift on this level.

Level 17 – Super Shoveler

To reach level 17, you will need 6,500 points. On this level, you can send Passion Fruit as gifts.

Level 18 – Super Grower

Level 18 will be reached when you have 7,500 points in FarmVille. On this level, you can send goats as gifts. You can also purchase watermelon seeds and hay wagons.

Level 19 – Professional Plower

You will need 8,500 points to reach this level. On this level, you can buy cottages.

Level 20 – Green Giant

Level 20 requires you to have 9,500 points and you can purchase barrel wagons in FarmVille.

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